Sence Data afterimages (2018)

Serie 0/15
150 x 200cm
Projection-Installation, tranparant coloured plexiglass, RVS, carton
High-Gloss Fine Art Print
Black frame, museum glass

Sensing data. Perceiving coloured surface object. In front of me a white page on the screen. Observing red coloured object. Staring. Blinking twice. Staring. Twenty one, twenty two, twenty tree, twenty four, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven. Move. Eyes focussing on white surface. Appearance of a similar shape. Slightly blurred. Colored cyan.

In the work “Sense Data afterimage” a natural phenomenon of the human eye is visualised in a serie of 3 installations. The installations show various projections in which 3 coloured objects are composed. The objects, that have references to compositions of forms from the public space, are presented with a representation of their (negative) afterimage. The afterimages in the installation are based on the artists experience by perceiving the original color objects where the visual outcome is digital re-created model. The digital-modelled afterimage of complementary colour-shapes were projected on the original surface of the objects.