HzO 5-115Hz  (2018) 

Serie 02/05
112 x 190cm
Hahnemuhle Matte Paper-Heavyweight Fine Art Print
Black frame, museum glass

In the series HzO 5-115Hz Merkelbach investigates the transformation processes between two different mediums. From Hertz to JPEG. These serie of experiments show the substantial influence of liquid-water that is exposed to the vibrations of frequencies.

Making sound visible.

In March 2018 the artist built a device in her studio that can transform sound, and convert it into it’s visual representation.The device consists of; a loudspeaker, plexiglass plate, (laboratory) petri glass, water, amplifier and a tone generator.

The device generated sound through the connected tone generator where the water is catches by the vibrations. Different patterns are created depending on the driven frequency, the given time period and the amount of volume. HzO 5-115Hz shows an overview of 28 black and white photographs, in which the artist has captured the patterns from 5 to 115 Hertz with her camera.